when will i get the keys to my new house?

When will I get the keys to my new house?

If you’ve been going through the process of buying or renting somewhere new for sometime, you’re probably getting quite stressed about when you will actually get the keys to your new home… We’ve been in the moving industry for over 10 years, so we have a good idea of the moving process and the time…

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removal company minworth

What removal insurance should a moving company have?

When we provide a removal quote, one of our most asked questions is ‘are you insured?’ The simple answer to this questions is, ‘yes!’. However, any reputable company will actually have several forms of removal insurance, each providing cover for different things. Find out what they should have and why it is important in this…

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storagebase wednesbury

5 reasons why we work with Storagebase

If you’re from the Midlands, you’ll probably be familiar with ‘the big red cube’ by Ikea (aka Storagebase). We’ve been working with the team there since they opened in 2014 and opt to use their services for any of our customers that need storage. With so many different storage providers, you might be wondering why…

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carpet protection

Do I need carpet protection when moving house?

Congratulations, you’re moving house! Now you have to figure out everything you need to be prepared. You’ve got your boxes, and selected which removal service you’d like to go for. But there will likely still be things for you to decide upon to make your move as easy, but as budget friendly, as possible. Carpet…

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home removals birmingham

Protective Removal Covers

If you’ve taken a look around our website, you will notice that we reference our use of protective removal covers a lot! As professional removers, we are proud to provide our customers with the best removal solutions. This includes the use of these bespoke, padded covers which provide the best possible protection for your belongings…

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pets moving house

Top Tips for Looking After Your Pets When Moving House

Moving house is a stressful time for everyone, including your fur babies. It can be hard to know what to do for the best to keep them feeling safe. Therefore, we’ve compiled some tips on what our previous removal customers have done with their pets when moving house. Plan Ahead Like everything else in the…

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