The difference between our basic and comprehensive removal insurance

The difference between our basic and comprehensive removal insurance

If you’ve had a removal quote from us and had a look through our brochure, then you will know that not only are we fully insured but we also offer two different types of insurance. Our basic and comprehensive removal insurance options are provided completely free of charge. We are a reputable removal company and therefore feel it is only fair that every move booked with us is fully insured at no cost to you, our customer. However, it depends on which removal option you choose to what level of insurance cover we can offer.

Removal packages

If you select our basic removal or dismantle & reassemble services, then we are only able to provide basic removal insurance. However, if you select our full packing service then we will be able to offer comprehensive insurance. The main difference between the two is that the comprehensive option covers anything we have packed in boxes for you, whereas the basic option covers your larger items but not anything you have packed yourself. We use protective removal covers and other specialist equipment to protect your items during transit. Therefore our insurance company is happy to provide cover for these items. What’s more, if you select our extended liability option, then cover is provided to the declared value of your goods.

Different sorts of removal insurance

Our basic and comprehensive removal insurance options are offered as part of our ‘Goods in Transit’ insurance. However, we are also covered by a number of different insurance policies, covering several different areas.

  • Public liability insurance this covers any damage to your home, neighbouring properties or to yourself.
  • Employers liability insurance this covers our employees. We regard ourselves as reputable removal company. This includes looking after our team of expert staff.
  • Fleet insurance – this covers our actual vehicles, without this, any Goods in Transit insurance claim would be invalid.
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