What is the best way to pack clothes ready for moving house?

What is the best way to pack clothes ready for moving house?

Whether you’re a single person household or have a large family living at home, when you’re moving house, you will no doubt have lots of clothes to be moved. They are probably also stored away in wardrobes, chest of drawers, bedside cabinets, under the bed… So what’s the best way to pack clothes when you’re moving house? Do you need to pack everything? Can anything stay as it is? We’ve listed our top tips and tricks to save you time (and money!) when packing clothes.

Wardrobe Boxes

If you’ve booked your home removal with us, we will supply wardrobe boxes as standard. These are plastic boxes that have a rail inside. We’ll bring them with us on the morning of the house move. You can then simply take the clothes from the rail in your wardrobe, straight onto the rail in the box, and then back out again at the other end. This keeps things quick, simple and reduces the time spent untangling a mountain of coat hangers! (The last thing you want to be doing in your new home). If you’re moving into storage, we recommend purchasing cardboard wardrobe boxes. These are essentially the same thing, but will be yours to use and keep during storage. You can purchase wardrobe moving boxes yourself, or we can supply for you as part of your removal and storage quotation.

Keep them in drawers and boxes

For the clothes you already keep in chest of drawers then there is no need to take these out and packing into moving boxes. Our expert removal team will simply take the drawers out and load the carcass to the van. They’ll then pop your loaded drawers back onto the carcass during transit and repeat again the new property. This saves you both time and money, and makes use of the space which would otherwise be empty on the van!

The same goes for any bedside cupboards (drawers only) and any under-bed storage tubs you have. The only drawers you will need to empty will be if you have a divan bed base. This is because our team will use specialist removal covers to protect the bed during transit.

Use empty suitcases and boxes

The best way to pack clothes doesn’t just include the garments themselves, but also the containers you have to pack them in. This seems like an obvious one, and it might mean you need to have a good sort out of your loft or garage, but do use your empty suitcases. However, if these items are going to be moved anyway, you might as well save some money and do your bit for the environment by using resources you already have for packing. Whilst we do supply wardrobe boxes and packing boxes, this doesn’t mean that we expect you to only use what we supply.

Wrap accessories in packing paper

As part of your removal pack, we will supply packing paper. This is very similar to what your fish and chips is wrapped in, but it really does the job (and is recyclable). You don’t just need to know the best way to pack clothes before moving. What about your accessories too? We recommend using some of this to individually wrap particularly expensive or delicate accessories, like shoes and handbags. Once they have been wrapped you can use extra scrunched up paper, or even things like towels and bed linen, to create more padding within the box. This will ensure nothing is broken, scratched or damaged during transit. If we pack for you, we will do this as standard, giving you a comprehensive level of insurance cover.

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