When is the cheapest time to move house?

When is the cheapest time to move house?

If you’re considering moving home any time soon, then you might want to know when the cheapest time to move house might be. Moving house can be expensive, so it is worth looking at all of the ways you can save money on the move. However, we also suggest looking at three different factors when it comes to the timing of your move:

  • Time of the year
  • Time of the month
  • Time of the week

Time of the year

Without a doubt, summer and autumn is the most popular time to move house. However, as an experienced removal company, we also find there is a rush during the winter months with people wanting to be in their new homes in time for Christmas. Now, you may want to consider if there is more of a market for buyers during the busy season. However, if you have already found a buyer or are not in a rush to move then the time between the New Year and Easter is certainly the quietest.

Time of the month

When in the month you move can affect the cost, especially when you consider when your first mortgage payment will be due. Lots of our customers try to get in another pay day before their first mortgage payment goes out, particularly if they are first time buyers or your mortgage payments are increasing for the new property. Generally speaking, most people are paid towards the end of the month. This means the last week of the month is generally the busiest. So, much like moving in the summer, the demand for removal companies increases during these weeks. Therefore, you might find it cheaper to move in the first two weeks of the month instead.

Time of the week

It’s a common myth that you can only move on a Friday. However, Friday is definitely the most popular day of the week to move as it gives our customers the whole weekend to get straight before they are back to work on Monday. Research by Compare my Move suggests that Tuesday is actually the most expensive day to move house in the West Midlands. However, in our experience, if you have any flexibility then we suggest moving earlier in the week. Not only might this be cheaper, but it takes away any stress of your chosen removal company being booked up and unavailable for the move.

We often find that customers who are moving out of storage can be the most flexible, as they are not tied to a set completion date, determined by solicitors and other parties. However, if you are keen to avoid a Friday then do make this known with your solicitor so an alternative date can be found with all parties.


As we have shown, home removals is much like any other service in that demand increases prices. Therefore, if you are looking for the cheapest time to move house then it is definitely worth speaking to your removal company to find out when they are not so busy.

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