Customer Case Study: Paulette’s Move with Storage

Customer Case Study: Paulette’s Move with Storage

Paulette needed a cost for a move from her current property to a new build in Norwich, where she was moving to be closer to her sister. However, like many moves, the sale of her current property was going to be complete before the purchase of her new one. Therefore she needed a removal company who could provide a move with storage. She contacted Jones Services Removals & Storage to see how we could help.

Home Survey

Like most of our moves, Paulette’s home removal started with an in-person home survey, conducted by our surveyor, Kate. Our home surveys are helpful for a number of reasons (read more about them here). During Paulette’s, we could see exactly what furniture she had to be moved. This was particularly useful as Paulette was going to need temporary storage in-between the sale of her current property and the sale of her new one. By seeing her furniture in person we could properly estimate what size unit she would need so we could provide an accurate quotation for storage costs. During the survey we were also able to discuss any dismantle or reassemble requirements as well as assess what packing materials Paulette needed.

A Move of Two Parts

The sale of Paulette’s current property was completed in April 2022. She had already selected for our team to dismantle her furniture, which included a couple of beds and a dining table. Therefore, this was completed on the same day as her move. We then used our specialist removal covers to protect her items before they were loaded. Finally, all of Paulette’s goods were taken into storage.

Over the next few months, Paulette lived with her friend Kathy (who we also provided a quote for a move down to Cornwall for!) and we invoiced each month for her storage fees. When using temporary storage with us, we always break up the cost of the move and the storage, to make things as budget-friendly as possible. This means you will pay for your move into storage first. Storage costs are then invoiced for separately at the end of each month. When you are ready to move out of storage, we’ll invoice again separately for this part of the move. We always aim to be as flexible as possible, especially as things can change so quickly during the moving process.

Building works completed on Paulette’s ‘new build’ home in Norwich in June 2022. Therefore, she got back in touch to let us know and a move date was booked in. For the journey we took our large 7.5t truck and one smaller 3.5 Luton van. (Find out what size vehicles we have in our fleet and the benefits of these here). The move up to Norwich took place over one day, including the reassemble of Paulette’s furniture.

move from Birmingham to Norwich
Our 7.5t truck at Paulette’s new home


Customer feedback is always so important to us. Therefore when Paulette left us the following review the team couldn’t be happier!

Very professional and helpful. Good communication throughout both with storage and removals. Arrived on time and kept me updated. Television etc packed well and arrived safely.

Knowing that everything went to plan means that this was another job well done!

Get a Quote

If you’re looking to get a quote for your own move with storage, please give us a call on 0121 517 0368. Alternatively you can book your home survey directly using this link.

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