4 reasons to select our dismantle and reassemble service

Here at Jones Services Removals & Storage, we provide a number of home removal and storage solutions. If you have had a quote from us, you will see that we provide a cost for our dismantle and reassemble service as standard. However, we also provide a cost for our basic removal and a full packing services too. If requested, another option is for our part packing services. Finally, we also offer house or single items clearances.

With several different removal solutions on offer, it can be hard to know which is the best to pick. Therefore, we have listed our top 4 reasons why we think you should select our dismantle and reassemble service.

Quicker and easier

Our team of removalists are experienced professionals. This means that they are more than used to taking furniture apart and putting it back together again. There is a reason why this option is our most popular! Namely because our customers find it much quicker and easier to allow us to do the tricky parts of the move for them. Moving house is stressful enough, let us take one more job off your hands so you can focus on the rest.

All done on the same day

Another reason this option is so popular is because we aim to do both the dismantle and reassemble service on moving day. This means that your beds, tables and wardrobes can remain erected and you can live as normal for as long as possible. It also means less wasted evenings and weekends with you sweating over allen keys and nuts and bolts!

Make use of wardrobe boxes

As part of our standard offering, we will supply you with wardrobe boxes. However, these are for day hire only. Therefore, if our team dismantle and reassemble your wardrobes, the garment boxes are perfect to be used whilst your flat-pack furniture is loaded and in transit. This saves any mountains of hangers to be sorted once you are in your new property, and your suitcases can be used to pack other items, such as towels and bed linen.

Bespoke or difficult items taken care of

We don’t just do the standard stuff. We are used to taking down cabin beds, sheds, trampolines, even catios! If you need it taking apart, we can quote for it! Our team have near enough seen it all and when they do come across something new they love the challenge!

Still want to do it yourself?

There’s really no pressure from us to selecting our dismantle and reassemble service. We offer it to all customers so you can make the best decision for you and your move. However, we do appreciate that everyone has a budget to stick to or you may be more than happy to do it yourself.

We’re still keen to help where possible. Therefore, we have put together some helpful guides on our website, such as tips for dismantling an ikea wardrobe. Our expert team are also only a phone call away. If you need some advice then please do not hesitate to give us a ring on 0121 517 0368.

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