Do I need carpet protection when moving house?

Do I need carpet protection when moving house?

Congratulations, you’re moving house! Now you have to figure out everything you need to be prepared. You’ve got your boxes, and selected which removal service you’d like to go for. But there will likely still be things for you to decide upon to make your move as easy, but as budget friendly, as possible. Carpet protection may only be a small cost in the grand scheme of things. But you’ll likely be weighing up whether it is worth the extra expense.

Different carpet protection options

As professional movers, we give all of our customers the option of adding carpet protection to their quotation. We’ll provide protective mats to cover entry ways into the property as standard. It is then up to you to decide if you’d like additional protection, and what sort to go for.

Rubber Mats

Our premium option uses rubber mats to create a walkway through each level of the property and up any stairs. This is our preferred option as it is reusable and therefore more environmentally friendly. The walkway protects any carpets from muddy boots or footprints, which is usually sufficient to keep your carpets clean.

Plastic Protection

However, if you’d like to cover the whole of a room, you may want to look at the plastic protection option. We advise against this, as it can become costly, but it may be necessary depending on the type of property, sort of carpets, or layout of the room. For this option we use rolls of sticky-backed plastic to cover the entire floorspace, giving full carpet protection.

When to use carpet protection?

It goes without saying that carpet protection is really for carpets. However, our rubber mats could be used for wooden flooring if you wanted.

We always recommend customers add carpet protector if they are moving to a new build property, as the carpets will be freshly laid. Also, if there are beige or light coloured carpets then it is also a good option. Most customers only opt for it at the new property. However, if you are getting your carpets cleaned for the buyers then you might want to add it for your current home too.

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