Customer Case Study: Dot’s Move

Customer Case Study: Dot’s Move

Dot got in touch with us in January 2022 to request a quote for our packing service. Having lost her husband a few years ago, Dot was now moving from her bungalow to a retirement complex where she was hoping to meet some new friends. However, due to medical and mobility reasons, Dot needed a removal company who could dismantle and reassemble her furniture but also provide a full packing service. Knowing that Dot would likely struggle to unpack at her new home, we also provided a bespoke unpacking service within the quotation.

Move Day

As Dot already had the keys to her new property, we were able to conduct the pack, move and unpack all in one day! Coming from a bungalow, there wasn’t much furniture to be moved, but there were lots of sentimental items which needed to be carefully wrapped. Such as a set of champagne flutes, bought by Dot’s father in the 1960s as a 25th wedding anniversary to Dot’s mother! We also carefully removed and protected nearly 100 fridge magnets, collected by Dot and her family from every corner of the UK on precious holidays.

At Jones Services, we genuinely understand that every move is different, and every home tells its own story. In addition, we take pride in ensuring all items (large, small, valuable, sentimental) arrive safely in your new home. There is also the advantage of having comprehensive Goods in Transit insurance when you select our packing service. With this option, our insurer covers all items that we pack in boxes for you on a like-for-like basis.

Unpacking Service

When we arrived at the property, Dot’s apartment was on the 2nd floor. Unfortunately one lift was broken! Luckily, we came prepared with a team of 4. Therefore, Glyn made a start upstairs with the reassembly of the sliding wardrobes. Whilst Kate got on with the unpacking of kitchen items. This meant that Mark and Ben could work together to get all of the furniture safely upstairs. By 6pm, Dot’s food, glassware and crockery was neatly put away. Her lotions and potions were stored in the recently assembled bathroom cupboard. Her clothes had been safely transported over in specialist garment boxes to now hang orderly in her wardrobe. The Sky TV had even been set up in her living room!

Upon leaving, Dot said, “I can’t believe you’ve done all of this! I don’t know what I would have done without the unpacking; I would have been here for weeks!”

Get a Quote

We provided an unpacking service provided to Dot on a bespoke basis. Therefore, if you would like this service, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can call us on 0121 517 0368 or email

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