Environmentally Friendly Packing Materials

Environmentally Friendly Packing Materials

We all want to do our bit for the environment. If you are moving house, you may well be looking for ways you can reduce the impact your move will have too. We have a whole article on things you can do which you can read by clicking here. However, this blog will look specifically at environmentally friendly packing materials.

Use what you have already got

The reduce, reuse, recycle method works great when applying it to your home move. Whilst we supply cardboard boxes with all of our removal packages, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use any boxes you have already first.

If you already have belongings packed in plastic tubs or boxes, there is no need to empty these into the boxes we supply. In addition, whilst you declutter ahead of the move, save any boxes or tubs you come across to use whilst packing.

We also supply packing paper and bubble wrap as part of your removal pack. However, we also suggest using towels and bed linen to wrap and protect fragile items or to create padding for boxes.

Use recycled packing materials

The boxes we supply are for hire only. This is because we try to prolong their lifespan by reusing them as many times as possible. We will drop off and collect the boxes for you, along with any packing paper we can use again. Once the boxes have reached their use-limit, we take the cardboard to be recycled.

Plastic isn’t always bad! That’s why we upgraded our wardrobe boxes from cardboard to plastic. The cardboard wardrobe boxes we used to use could really only be used once. This is because they cannot be flat packed and reused so easily without loosing their integrity. However, in comparison, we are still using the first lot of plastic wardrobe boxes that were purchased nearly 2 years ago! They are holding up strong and are recycled for every job.

Use recyclable packing materials

We’ve already touched on how we reuse cardboard boxes and packing paper. However, there are other environmentally friendly packing materials you can use that are indeed recyclable. Did you know that most shrink wrap can actually be recycled? In addition, you can purchase paper tape which can go out with your standard recycling. Finally, there is also the option to purchase biodegradable bubble wrap.

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