How to Declutter Your Home Ready for your Next Move

How to Declutter Your Home Ready for your Next Move

Congratulations, you’re moving! Whether you’re buying or renting, moving home is a huge task. However, it can be made even harder, and costly, when you don’t declutter your home before you move. We know that the idea of sorting out years’ worth of belongings can be a daunting. Therefore, we always suggest our customers start from the top of their house and work their way down. If you’re going to do this, think about what you have stashed away in each space and if you really need to take it with you.

The Loft

Ok, let’s start by asking you a question. How many years’ worth of Christmas decorations are you hoarding up there? Be honest, do you really need those foil garlands, or can we admit they belong in 1983? Whilst you’re up there, sort through any toys or games that you’ve been saving. Whilst we don’t advocate throwing anything away, consider who might benefit from your used and unwanted items. Likewise, if you’re hanging on to your little one’s baby clothes for sentimental purposes, why not have a keepsake blanket made instead. We think this is a much nicer idea than storing them in bags which you never look at anyway.

The one really useful thing you may have in your loft is the original boxes for large or electrical items. If you choose to move with us, we’ll use specialist protection covers as standard with all of our home removal packages. However, if they’re still in decent condition, original boxes are perfect to use when packing.

Your Wardrobes

Now it’s time to be 100% honest and maybe even a little bit brutal. Start by making a pile of anything that doesn’t fit you anymore. Add to this anything that doesn’t suit you, or anything that you haven’t worn for at least a year. If the items in this pile still have wear left in them, think about donating them to charity. Make sure you are left with only the clothes you love and are going to wear again. When you start to declutter to home, you will have to think about what space you have in your new property. Therefore, if you have less wardrobe space than you do now, you’re going to have to get tough.

If you’ve asked us to be your removal company, the good news is you do not need to think about your wardrobes again until closer to your move date. This is because we will provide you with garment boxes so you can simply transfer your clothes from the wardrobe to the boxes, still on the hanger. If you’ve selected our Gold or Silver packages, we’ll arrange a suitable time with you a day or so before the move to dismantle your wardrobes and other furniture. If you’ve opted for our Bronze package, make sure you have read our tips on how to dismantle them yourself before you start.

The Cupboard Under the Stairs

Unless you’ve taken inspiration from Harry Potter and have utilised this space for a teeny tiny bedroom or, what’s more likely, a downstairs toilet, chances are that this is a glorified space to hoard junk. Odd shoes, your broken hoover, a stash of VHS tapes incase they ever make a come back… The Cupboard Under the Stairs is usually a black hole of rubbish which you can shut the door on and forget about.

We suggest you give this area a proper good sort out. If and when you are ready to start packing, you can always load this space with boxes, to make it easier on moving day.

The Kitchen

No declutter of your home would really be complete without tackling your kitchen drawers and cupboards. Chances are this is the room which contains The Junk Drawer. Chargers, pens, elastic bands, old utility bills. What do we even keen in there and why?! If we’re being brutally honest, you’ll probably end up with one of these at your new home. But every junk drawer began it’s life as a fresh and empty one. So bite the bullet and sort it out.

Your kitchen cupboards will also need tackling. Begin with your non-perishable items, like tins and jars. We strongly suggest you use up what you have in the cupboards before your move home to save taking things unnecessarily. However, have a good think what you’re likely to need or use up in the weeks leading up to the move. If you have lots which you aren’t going to eat, is there anything you can donate to your local food bank?

The Garage

Aka. The Man Cave.

When you declutter your home, you have to think about any outside spaces to. Like the garage, which is easily forgotten about. We’re guessing this room is full of tools, half empty tins of paint, spare tiles, and cut offs of wood. Most of this isn’t going to be needed at your new home as you’ll probably choose new colour schemes and buy new materials. Keep anything what will be needed in the weeks and months to come and get rid of anything which belongings in the skip!

Next, have a think about the larger items you may keep in here. Your lawn mower can probably come with you. But do you ever actually get on that exercise bike? Selling items which are in good, working condition on the likes of Gumtree or eBay can often make you a few extra pennies which can go along way with the cost of moving house. However, if you’re feeling generous, there are sites like Freecycle or Facebook Marketplace where you can donate your items for free to a new home.

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