How to pack TVs ready for moving house

How to pack TVs ready for moving house

They’re often one of the most expensive (and beloved) items you have to be moved. So figuring out the best way to pack TVs ready for moving house can be quite stressful. Nothing beats the original box and packaging your TV came in. This has been created as bespoke by the manufacturer. However, if you don’t have this then don’t worry! We have broken down how to pack TVs ready for moving house in this article.

Using a removal company

The good news is, if you are booking Jones Services Removals & Storage to be your removal company, then you don’t actually need to worry about your TV at all. As part of our standard service, we use specialist removal covers to protect all your large and delicate furniture items. This includes TVs! We have different size bags, ranging in different sizes. We will have noted which size bag(s) you need during your home survey and the team will have these ready on the van on the day of the move.

The specialist TV covers we use have a solid insert to protect the screen with padding around all sides to protect the unit as a whole. There are then supportive straps for the team to use when loading/unloading the van.

Moving by yourself

If you are moving home by yourself, it wouldn’t be worth spending the money on the specialist removal covers we use for a one-time use. Instead, follow the steps below to properly protect the whole of your TV.

  • Begin by removing any stands and unplugging all external devices. We recommend using biodegradable bubble wrap or packing paper to wrap individual devices to keep them safe during transit. Pack them all into one box. Wrap cables individually and tape so they do not come loose and tangle. Label what each cable is for. Include remotes in the box. You might also find it useful to label the remotes or tape these to the corresponding device.
  • Use spare bits of cardboard or another solid protective material to cover the screen. It will be best to cut this to size. Having a slight overhang to cover the edges of your TV is also a good idea, providing the protective material will bend safely.
  • Use bubble wrap to cover the screen and unit. Wrap the bubble wrap around the TV several times. Ensure that any wires or plugs are hanging loose, do not wrap these yet. Tape the bubble wrap securely so it doesn’t come loose.
  • Use a separate, small piece of bubble wrap to cover the pins on the plug. Tape the wire to the bag of the unit, to ensure the pins do not hit the screen during transit.
  • Transport separately if possible. If you are hiring a van to be moved, we recommend not putting the TV in the van, but instead lay flat in your car.

Looking for further advice?

If you need more help on how to safely pack and wrap TVs, then please do not hesitate to get in touch here.

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