how much does moving cost

Unexpected Moving Costs

One of most frequently asked questions is, “how much do your services cost?” Of course, we can easily give you a quote for our our removal, packing and furniture dismantle services. However, it would be naive to assume these are the only potential costs involved with booking a removal company. Therefore, we would also urge…

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storage 2

Top Tips When Using Storage Between Properties

Temporary storage is the perfect solution for those who are between properties. As an experienced home removal company, we often move customers into storage who have sold one property, and are waiting for the sale of their new property to go through. Other customers have the keys to their new property but store their goods…

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can removal companies take plants

Can removal companies take plants?

One of our most frequently asked questions is, “can removal companies take plants?” In short, yes. As an experienced removal company, we are able to load and transport your plants. However, there are a few things that are worth noting as there are some exceptions and things to consider. Please note, if your belongings are…

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how to pack tvs ready for moving house

How to pack TVs ready for moving house

They’re often one of the most expensive (and beloved) items you have to be moved. So figuring out the best way to pack TVs ready for moving house can be quite stressful. Nothing beats the original box and packaging your TV came in. This has been created as bespoke by the manufacturer. However, if you…

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move from birmingham to norwich

Customer Case Study: Paulette’s Move with Storage

Paulette needed a cost for a move from her current property to a new build in Norwich, where she was moving to be closer to her sister. However, like many moves, the sale of her current property was going to be complete before the purchase of her new one. Therefore she needed a removal company…

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tips for downsizing

Top tips for downsizing

Moving to a smaller property? Be it in terms of floorspace or number of rooms, there are several factors you should consider when packing ready to move. As a removal company, we come across customers who are downsizing for all sorts of reasons. Based on our extensive experience, we have listed our 4 top tips…

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standard vs recyclable packing tape

Standard vs Recyclable Packing Tape

As a removal company, we know that our operations have an impact on the environment. We aim to reduce this in as many ways as possible. Such as using recyclable shrink wrap. Reusing our packing boxes. Or providing our customer with different ways they can have a more eco-friendly house move. You also have the…

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house clearance 12

Top Estate Agents in Castle Bromwich

If you’re looking to move house in the local area, then you’ll be needing to know which are the top estate agents in Castle Bromwich. As a local home removal company, we have the benefit of working with customers moving to and from Castle Bromwich, and the estate agents listed in this article. Whilst there…

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move to cornwall

Customer Case Study: Paul & Caz’s Move to Cornwall

Looking to move to Cornwall from Stourbridge, Paul and Caz first contacted us in the summer of 2021 for a removal quote. However, due to numerous delays, issues and problems, the couple didn’t actually move until June 2022! To find out more about their move to Cornwall then read on! Delays to the purchase of…

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