5 Top Tips to Guarantee an Organised Moving Day

5 Top Tips to Guarantee an Organised Moving Day

We often hear how moving house is one of the most stressful things you will ever do. Whilst we agree, there are a number of things we recommend our customers do to ensure they cool, calm and collected. Our moving day tips will have you stay organised and help you feel more in control.

1. Write down key contact numbers

organised moving day tips - contact numbers for your move

To start, make sure you have saved the numbers for your estate agent, solicitor and removal company in your phone. However, we rely on technology almost a little too much these days. We suggest you go old school and write down the key contact numbers for essential companies and loved ones on an actual. piece. of. paper. You can then keep with these numbers in your pocket. This is handy if you’re split between cars on route, or need to give the number to someone else in your moving-day-party.

2. Charge your phone

phone power banks

No doubt you’ll be super busy on the day before your move, so you don’t want to forget to keep your phone charged overnight. (That bit of paper with those numbers on will come in especially handy if your battery dies!) For added bonus points, get yourself a portable power bank to keep you topped up throughout the day.

It’s surprising just how much you will be on your phone come moving day. Really one of the best organised moving day tips we could give is to learn the art of communication! You’ll be organising the logistics, multiple companies, children, pets… Delegating and giving clear instructions to those who are there to help you will make things much easier.

3. Pack a bag of essentials

overnight bag for moving house
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Obviously, most of your things will be packed up for the first few days after your move. Packing a bag with the essentials in just makes a lot of sense. Pack enough clothes for a few days; nothing fancy, unpacking is almost as bad as move day itself. We also recommend including your toiletries, toilet paper, cleaning essentials, and plenty of snacks! (Admittedly, the latter will probably be demolished whilst you wait for your keys to be realised…)

Whether you are moving yourself or using a removal company, you should also keep valuables and important/legal documentation separate and safe from the bulk of your items

4. Tape up boxes securely and label

organised moving day tips - label boxes properly

If you thought getting ready to leave your old property was difficult, wait til you arrive at your new home! Whether you are moving yourself, or hiring a removal company, you’ll have lots of boxes to sort through. The best of our organised moving day tips is to ensure all of your boxes are taped up properly. (You don’t want the bottoms giving way and opening up!) They should also be clearly labelled, so you or your removal company know what room they should be going to at your new home.

If you hire us to be your removal company, we provide you with all of your packing materials. This includes branded tape which has rooms already printed on it. You simply need to circle the room. This being said, if you have selected our Gold package, we’ll do all of the packing for you anyway.

5. Take meter readings sooner rather than later

organised moving day tips - meter readings

You will need to take meter readings to give to your utility suppliers. Strictly speaking, you will use your water, gas and electricity during the morning of your move. This being said, we suggest you take readings once your household is up, showered and ready for the day. You’ll probably use the kettle a few times for your removal team. (Removals is thirsty work, you know). However, before you know it, you’ll be handing your keys over and your readings will be forgotten about.


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