How to pack sheds and garages

How to pack sheds and garages

Moving house can be overwhelming. This is in part due to the sheer volume of belongings you need to pack up and move from one house to another. We’ve covered how to declutter your home ready for moving. But it’s not just your most lived-in areas you need to worry about. What about your outdoor areas? How should you pack sheds and garages?

1. Declutter and Dispose

The first thing you need to do is work out what you really do and don’t need. Sheds and garages so often become dumping grounds. But do you really need all, or any, of those scrap pieces of wood? Can you donate any of the kids toys to friends, family or charity? Take a real look at all of the contents stored up in these spaces and be vigorous about what you will need in your new house. It can get expensive for removal companies to take rooms full of belongings that you’re not going to use. Moving is expensive, don’t waste your pennies!

2. Box it up

Chances are you have several plastic tubs or cardboard boxes already. Use whatever you have lying around to pack your sheds and garages. In addition, if something is boxed, don’t feel like you need to unpack and repack into something else. However, if smaller boxes can fit in one larger box then that can make things easier on moving day. Make sure everything is securely taped up and labelled. Our removal team will aim to get any items for sheds and garages off the vans first so these areas will get filled up in your new home quickly.

3. Sort your tools

Of course, not everything will sit nicely in a box. We recommend taping the handles of long hand tools together so they can be moved in one go. You can also place them in bins or longer containers. It is imperative that you drain any petrol or fuel from power tools as we cannot transport anything flammable. When it comes to small tools, or invidiuval pieces like screws or drill bits, then of course the best place for these is in a tool box. However, regardless of the container used to transport them, ensure that any drawers or components are taped shut so they don’t leak out during transit.

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