Top Tips for Looking After Your Pets When Moving House

Top Tips for Looking After Your Pets When Moving House

Moving house is a stressful time for everyone, including your fur babies. It can be hard to know what to do for the best to keep them feeling safe. Therefore, we’ve compiled some tips on what our previous removal customers have done with their pets when moving house.

Plan Ahead

Like everything else in the moving process, planning ahead is key to ensuring a stress-free move for your furry friends. Ensure you have kept any food, toys or beds packed separately. We suggest taking these yourself to avoid their essentials getting lost in a mountain of packing boxes!

Moving house is about more than just the move itself. Therefore, if it’s possible, why not take them for a walk in their new surroundings? Not only does this help to familiarise them with the new area, but if there’s a long drive involved to the new property then it can help with any anxiety they may feel.

If you’re moving to a new area, ensure you have found a new vets and notify your old one of the upcoming move.


Unfortunately, we are unable to carry any animals in our vans. This includes the furry or scaly sorts. Therefore, it is best to get your pet used to their carrier, or the car in general if they are not already before moving day. There are a range of different carriers on the market, especially if you have a nervous traveller. Finding out what is best for your furry friend before the move itself will help keep them calm.

Moving Day

If you have someone suitable, it is always best to see if your pet can be left with a friend or family member, who they are already familiar with. An other option might be using a professional sitter. Moving day is chaotic so if your pet doesn’t need to be there then it will probably be best for them.

However, if you have a particularly nervous animal or are moving far away this might not be an option. Therefore, the next best thing is to designate a room just for your pet. This applies at the current property whilst the removal team are loading up, and at the new home whilst they are unloading. It might also help to use a pheromone spray in the room at the new property. These are specifically designed to help relax your pets when moving house.

After the move

Following the move itself, your pet may still be nervous or confused. The pheromone spray might still be helpful in the weeks after you have moved. Unpacking quickly will help them feel more at home. Let them explore their new home in their own time, don’t force them into any new areas. It is also best to get back to your normal (or new) routine as soon as possible.

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