How to prepare for a house viewing

How to prepare for a house viewing

The estate agent has called and somebody would like to view your house. Brilliant! This appointment could lead to the sale of your home. So what can you to make your house the best it can be ready for the viewing?

Kerb Appeal

If the house viewing was a date or a job interview, you’d want to make a good first impression, right? Well, the same should be said of your house when a potential buyer is coming. The outside of your home is the first thing they will see. What’s more, it has been suggested that whilst viewings normally last around half an hour, the average buyer will decide in 480 seconds if the house is for them. When every second counts, you want to ensure the house is impressing potential buyers from the moment they set eyes on it. Therefore, we suggest you spend some time ensuring the front of your home is presentable before you start commencing viewings.


You should already be de-cluttering to get ready for your house move and to bring the cost of your move down. However, day-to-day life will leave a trail of clutter around. Has ‘the chair’ piled up with the clothes you need to put away? Are there lotions and potions all over your bathroom? Put away anything which can be considered clutter just before the viewing; you can sort it out when it’s over.


Consider other senses when making that all important first impression. What will your potential buyer smell when they begin the viewing? It’s well known that the smell of baking bread can help your property feel homely. However, unless you’re a wonder with a bread oven, consider what scented candles you could use to stimulate a similar feeling. If you have the space, consider lighting the candle or placing a reed diffuser in the entry way of your home. It’s also important to consider the smells in other rooms of the home, such as the kitchen or bathroom. We’d suggest going less heavy on the bleach but consider a fresh, citrus cleaning product to give these rooms a quick whip round before the viewing.

Bring the Outside In

If it’s a nice day, open a window or two to allow fresh air circulate through the house. Also ensure that all curtains and blinds are open. Nothing beats natural light for making your home look it’s best. If you’re big on interior design trends you’ll know there is merit in having plenty of plants around the home too. These could be real, if you’re green fingered enough to keep them alive until you find a buyer, or you can get some great faux alternatives on the high street. Alternatively you could place a small bouquet on a dining table, sideboard or kitchen countertop.


Whilst we are nation of pet lovers, bear in mind not that everyone will love your furry friend. If you are able, we’d suggest keeping them outdoors during the viewing. Whilst cleaning is an obvious thing to suggest before a viewing, make sure any rugs or carpets have had a thorough hoovering before a potential viewer visits, in case they have any allergies. Also, empty and store away any litter trays.

Once you’ve had a successful house viewing

We sincerely hope that it doesn’t take you too long to find a buyer for your property and everything goes smoothly with your move. Don’t forget that we can provide you with a removal quotation at any point in the process. Once a buyer is found and you agree a date for the move with your solicitor, we can get you booked in. For more information, please contact us or call on 0121 517 0368

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