Standard vs Recyclable Packing Tape

Standard vs Recyclable Packing Tape

As a removal company, we know that our operations have an impact on the environment. We aim to reduce this in as many ways as possible. Such as using recyclable shrink wrap. Reusing our packing boxes. Or providing our customer with different ways they can have a more eco-friendly house move. You also have the option of using recyclable packing tape, instead of standard vinyl or plastic. As a business, we are yet to make the transition to paper tape as we feel there are several pros and cons of doing so. We have listed these in this article.

Use of plastic

Firstly, recyclable tape is plastic free.

We all know that single use plastics are bad. (Whilst reusable plastics such as our wardrobe boxes are arguably better than their cardboard alternatives) The vinyl tape we supply, or brown tape you may pick up cheaply yourself, does contain plastic. Furthermore, it can only be used once and cannot be recycled. In comparison, recyclable packing tape does not contain plastic and is instead made of paper. This means that whilst you can only use it once, it can be recycled once you are finished with your box.


The main reason we do not offer recyclable tape is due to the cost. Most of our customers are looking to save money on the cost of moving house. Recyclable tape is more expensive than standard tape. Of course, the difference in price is relatively small, so it may be something you are happy to consider for your own move.

Availability & Performance

Whilst more suppliers are now coming to market, good quality packing tape is still relatively difficult to come across. Most providers supply recyclable parcel tape. However, when you are packing to move house, then you need something study to ensure your boxes are secured properly. Vinyl tape still outweighs recyclable tape in terms of performance.

Where can I buy recyclable packing tape?

Trying a roll or two of paper packing tape is a good idea if you are still unsure about using it. For customers, the best place to purchase it would be on Amazon using this link here. If you are getting a quotation for your upcoming move from us, please do not hesitate to ask us to supply recyclable tape instead of standard and we will provide a cost for you.

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