What removal insurance should a moving company have?

What removal insurance should a moving company have?

When we provide a removal quote, one of our most asked questions is ‘are you insured?’ The simple answer to this questions is, ‘yes!’. However, any reputable company will actually have several forms of removal insurance, each providing cover for different things. Find out what they should have and why it is important in this article.

Goods in Transit Insurance

What most people are referring to when they ask if we are insured is Goods in Transit insurance. This insurance covers your belongings against theft or damage once they have been loaded onto the van and are on the way to your new home. Different insurers will provide different levels of cover so it is worth checking with your removal company to see what their policy is.

Public Liability

Removal insurance needs to cover more than just the physical ‘moving’ part. What happens if your hallway is damaged if an item is too wide to fit through? Or if a wall is knocked down whilst they are reversing onto your new drive? Public liability covers both your current and new properties. It also covers you and your family if you are personally injured during the move.

Employers Liability

Whilst damage to your property or your belongings is of paramount importance, a good removal company is also a good employer. It goes without saying that there is an excessive amount of manual handling involved when working as a furniture mover. Therefore, employers liability also covers the removal team if they are injure themselves.

Vehicle Insurance

This one is almost so obvious that you could be forgiven for forgetting about it! Removal companies should have their fleet fully insured. Whilst you’d think this is a given, not having their vehicles insurance could invalidate any other insurances listed in this article. If you’re in doubt, you can always ask to see a copy of your removal company’s policy.

Removal Insurance or Home Insurance?

Whilst it is important that your removal company is fully insured, for some claims you will need to speak to your own home insurers. For example, Goods in Transit insurance does not cover electrical or mechanical damage to your white goods. Unless there physical damage, this is because they should be transported from one property to the next with no problems. Therefore, these sorts of issues suggest that there was a fault with the machine itself. Any problems should be reported to your removal company first and they should be able to advise further.

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