Rental market is down, but demand for a garden is up.

Rental market is down, but demand for a garden is up.

An interesting report from Rightmove has found that whilst searches for rental property are currently 20% lower than average, searches for rented homes with a garden are on the rise!

The property website says that the search term is up 16% on January and February this year. Whist searches for homes with a garden are up 26% from this time last year. Furthermore, the term ‘garden’ was ranking as 5th on their search terms prior to lockdown, but is now 3rd.

This news may mean good news for the rental markets in less built up or desirable areas with Rightmove’s property expert Miles Shipside saying that:

“There is a reason why these searches have gone up, and that’s because people will seriously be considering how they can trade their flat for something with more outdoor space, even if it means moving into a less built-up area so that their money goes further.

It’s not just gardens that are more desirable, properties with a garage are more popular as people are looking to use any additional space for their DIY tasks or hobbies. Finally, for the first time ever, the search term ‘balcony’ has featured in Rightmove’s top 10.

If you’re looking to move into a rental property but think the current lockdown is going to stop you then think again. Rightmove say that lots of letting agents have video stock of their properties. This means that you can have a virtual tour of the property at any time, anywhere. Likewise, we are also offering remote home surveys so you can get a quote for your home removal whilst complying with social distancing restrictions.

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