Why smaller removal vehicles can be better for your move

Why smaller removal vehicles can be better for your move

Many customers expect one large van when they move house. In fact, many are surprised when our 7.5t truck doesn’t turn up on moving day! Whilst a larger vehicle can fit more items on it, there are times when smaller removal vehicles are better for the job.

Access Issues

The one down side to a large lorry is that they aren’t the best for narrow roads or routes with restricted access. This is especially true of our customers who are moving to the country, to Cornwall or Scotland. In fact, some roads are explicitly closed to vehicles over 3.5t so it would be against the highway code for us to use them. Bridges with height and weight restrictions are also found all over the country. They can be avoided but we do find it to be problematic if the access restriction is right next to the property you are moving to or from!

Environmental Impact

It sounds cheesy but every move is different. In each case, we try to weigh up the environmental impact our vehicles have. Larger vehicles use a greater fuel consumption and therefore have a larger impact on the environment. If we do not need the space on a 7.5t truck vehicle then why increase our carbon footprint by using it? More fuel also equals more expensive, can it can be more purse friendly for us to use the smaller vehicles.

Weight Allowance

Just because the truck doesn’t look full, doesn’t mean we aren’t legally overweight. There are legal limits to all vehicles which determine how much weight they are permitted to load. We have scales fitted to our truck to ensure we stay within legal limits. This might mean that we bring the truck for the majority of your belongings but have a smaller vehicle to compensate for any extra weight.

Additional Qualifications

Most drivers are allowed to drive up to a 3.5t vehicle. Therefore, having smaller removal vehicles within the fleet gives us greater access to current employees, agency drivers or new recruits. However, even if your licence allows you to drive a larger vehicle, there are certain CPC qualifications you will need to hold. To run a 7.5t vehicle, you also need an operators licence and qualified transport manager. Not only do these incur additional costs, but they come with additional restrictions and laws to follow.

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