Top Tips When Using Storage Between Properties

Top Tips When Using Storage Between Properties

Temporary storage is the perfect solution for those who are between properties. As an experienced home removal company, we often move customers into storage who have sold one property, and are waiting for the sale of their new property to go through. Other customers have the keys to their new property but store their goods whilst they undertake renovation work. Either way, we have put together some top tips for when using storage between properties.

Label items you’ll need access to

It is unlikely that you will have a storage unit big enough to walk around and sort through your belongings. (The cheapest way to store your goods is to stack high). Therefore, any items you might need easy access to whilst you are using storage between properties should be put at the front of the unit. Whether you are using a removal company or taking the items yourself, clearly label these boxes before you get to storage. They can then be put in last to ensure you have easy access to them, should you need it.

How long will you need storage for?

Top tip! Work out how long you will need storage between properties, and then add some time on! Whether you are relying on tradespeople or solicitors before you can move into your new home, there are usually unexpected delays or push backs. When labelling items you might need, consider if this would change if your storage needs were extended. Will you need to swap your winter clothes for your summer wardrobe? Might you want some Christmas decorations to put up in your rental property? Whilst you can’t predict the future, be sensible about timescales and the implications they might have.

Goods that can’t be stored

Not everything can go into storage. Artificial plants are fine but neither indoor or outdoor plants will survive very long. Is there anyone who can take these for you temporarily? We’re happy to take these to a different address is you have several to take.

Flammable items such as paint, gas canisters etc aren’t allowed to be stored for insurance purposes. However, we’re also not insured to transport these for you so you will need to make your own arrangements. Most removal and storage insurance doesn’t allow you to take or store small valuables such as jewellery, collectables, and money. Check with your providers to see exactly what items are not insured. If you’re storing white goods or kitchen items, ensure no food or perishable goods are packed. These are now allowed but can be easily packed by mistake.

Need a quote for storage or removal?

If you would like a quote for the storage of your belongings or just for the removal to and from the unit, we can help! Get in touch by calling 0121 517 0369 or visit the contact us page for more information.

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