Top tips for downsizing

Top tips for downsizing

Moving to a smaller property? Be it in terms of floorspace or number of rooms, there are several factors you should consider when packing ready to move. As a removal company, we come across customers who are downsizing for all sorts of reasons. Based on our extensive experience, we have listed our 4 top tips for downsizing in this handy article.

Amount of furniture

Seems like an obvious one, but if you are moving to a smaller property then chances are you will not be able to take all of the furniture you have now. Be realistic about what you do and don’t need. What are your essential items? Do you really need all of those side tables? When was the last time you used the bureau? Can your bathroom toiletries go in a nice box instead of a cupboard in your new home? During home surveys, customers are often unsure whether they can take certain things when they are downsizing. It may have sentimental value or be a particularly loved piece of furniture. In these instances we will list the item to go and will help you find somewhere for it in your new home. We can also drop off single items at other properties on route if you can find a friend or family member to rehome it. You also have the option of temporary storage if you need more time to decide.

Size of furniture & layout

Similarly to the above, you may not be able to take certain pieces simply because they will not fit or suit the new layout. Before getting us out for a quote, ensure you have measured all of the rooms in the new property and considered the layout of furniture. In addition, you also want to measure doorways, halls, staircase s etc to ensure that any particularly large items will fit. This include sofas with large arms or wardrobes which cannot be dismantled.

Drawers, cupboard, shelves

It isn’t just furniture that you will need to reduce, but the amount of items you have stored within them or have out on display. We often find that on moving day, customers are overwhelmed by the amount of boxes they have, especially if they are downsizing. Try to avoid this by reducing the amount of boxes you need to take. The best way to do this is to declutter, declutter, declutter. As well as our tips for downsizing, we have a handy guide on how to declutter your home ready for moving. In short, you want to check for out-of-date food items. Pass on bath and body sets you’re never going to use. Have a good sort out of your wardrobe and shoe cupboards. No nook and cranny should be left unturned.

Sheds and Garages

We have a whole article of tips on how to pack sheds and garages. However, if you do not have a shed or garage where you are moving to then you will definitely need to have a good sort out of these areas before moving. If you are moving from a house to a flat, it’s unlikely you will need your whole man-cave of tools and old screws, so don’t bring them with you. Instead, condense your belongings into one small toolbox.

Loft and Attic Spaces

The loft, aka as the graveyard on memory lane. If you have lived in your current property for some time then chances are there are years’ worth of ‘stuff’ that has steadily made it’s way into the loft. Whether you have this space at your new property, now is the time to give it a proper sort out. Our golden rule? If you haven’t used it for a year, then it can go. There will of course be exceptions to this. Boxes of photo albums will need a new home. You might be saving some bits if you plan on having another baby. However, be ruthless with the things you do and don’t need. Have the kids grown up and you’re storing their school books, old toys and who-knows-what-else? Now is the time for them to take it back. How many suitcases do you really take with you on holiday? Do you put up all of those Christmas decorations?

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