Unexpected Moving Costs

Unexpected Moving Costs

Naturally, one of your first questions to us is going to be around how much it will cost to move house. Well, we can easily give you a quote for our removal services. But we would also be asking you if you have considered any unexpected moving costs too.

Surely you don’t have any… After all, you’ve done your research. Estate agent fees (tick). Solicitor’s bills (tick). Removal company (tick). You’ve done the number crunching and you know exactly how much it’s going to cost to move into your new home, right? Unfortunately, many home movers find themselves blown over by some of additional fees they hadn’t considered. These costs can come out of no where and can often occur when you haven’t quite read the small print. To save you any nasty surprises, we’ve listed some of the most common unexpected costs of moving.


In an ideal world, there would be no house chains. In reality, many buyers and sellers find themselves somewhere in a chain. So what happens when your buyers are ready to go, but you are not close to completing on your new property? We often move customers who temporarily move back home, into rented accommodation, or even into an AirBnB when their current property is sold and they have a wait to move into their new one. Many of these customers have to move their belongings into storage during the interim period as their temporary property doesn’t have the room. This can turn out to be quite a large unexpected moving cost, depending on how much you have to store and for how long.

Unfortunately, some customers have long waits before they keys are released for your their new property. In rare cases, there isn’t time to unload everything on moving day. This may mean that some of your belongings might need to go into storage overnight. Short-term storage isn’t expensive but if you will also have to factor in another day’s labour or van hire.

Key Wait Charges

If you are hiring a removal company, always check their Terms and Conditions. It may be that they will charge for key waiting times, or any over time bills they incur if there has been a delayed wait for keys. To avoid being hit with some unexpected bills such as these, some removal companies over key wait waivers, which vary in price.

We choose not to charge key waiting times, as these are unexpected and unwanted for our customers. Therefore, we do not need to offer the option of a key wait waiver. Our recommendation is that it’s always worth checking what your removal company’s policy is in relation to this.

Damaged Goods

It’s the elephant in the room when it comes to moving home. The unexpected cost relating to damaged or broken belongings could really escalate the overall cost of moving home. We know that many people hire removal companies not only to do the heavy lifting but for additional piece of mind. Always ask if the company you are hiring are insured and what the terms and conditions of their insurance policy are. It’s taken as a given but it’s always worth checking the company has fleet/vehicle insurance too to ensure you are covered whilst your belongings are in transit.

We offer our customers two levels of insurance. Basic cover is provided for our Bronze and Silver packages. However, comprehensive cover is included as standard for the Gold package. This is because any goods we pack for our customers has been done by our professionally trained packers.

How do I avoid unexpected moving costs?

When you’re planning your move, you should think about each part of the process. Note down any areas where you might incur additional costs.

  • Read all terms and conditions – know what you are paying for and what would be charged as extra.
  • Think about what packing materials you will need. You may be able to get boxes from supermarkets or your work. However, the cost of additional items such as bubblewrap, packing paper, tape, shrink wrap, etc can all add up.
  • The cost of not packing properly or using properly materials and equipment could be expensive if you have to replace damaged or broken goods.
  • Who’s looking after your children or pets? If you need to pay for childcare or kennel costs then factor this in to your overall move cost.
  • Make sure you take meter readings before you leave so you are not hit with unexpected bills from your utility companies once you have moved out.
  • If you are renting, make sure you leave the property in the same condition you moved in. Also, take photos of the property before you move out. This will ensure you receive all of your deposit back.
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