Hang in there! Why you need wardrobe boxes when moving house.

Hang in there! Why you need wardrobe boxes when moving house.

Wardrobe Boxes

Sometimes, it really is the little things that count. Like not having to untangle a mountain of coat hangers when you are unpacking your clothes when you’ve just moved house. As we offer a comprehensive removal service, we provide all of our customers with wardrobe boxes as standard. But what are they? What different sorts can you get? And what are the benefits

What are wardrobe boxes?

It is what is says on the tin (or box)… Wardrobe boxes, also known as garment boxes, are tall boxes with a rail inside. They allow you to take the garment straight from your current wardrobe, into the temporary ‘box wardrobe’, and back out again at the other end. Without the need for taking the garment off the hanger.

What are the benefits?

  • Save you time when packing. If you choose us as your removal company, we’ll bring our wardrobe boxes with us on the day. This means that you can keep everything hanging until the morning of the move
  • An environmentally friendly option. The boxes we supply are reusable, and last for years! This is a much better solution than using cardboard boxes which don’t last as long. The alternative of course is packing in your suitcases. However, why not use these for other items and save on the amount of cardboard boxes you use to pack around the home?
  • Quick and easy to unpack. If you select our dismantle and reassemble option, we’ll have your wardrobes rebuilt before we leave. Therefore, you can quickly take your clothes from the box to your wardrobe and the job is done! If you are dismantling your own wardrobes, you can simply unload your garments until you are ready to rebuild.

Wardrobe Box

Different types of garment boxes

  • Plastic. This is the type we will supply as standard. They are sturdy and can be used over and over again. We believe this is the most eco-friendly option as cardboard wardrobe boxes cannot be used so many times so will need to be recycled after one or two uses.
  • Cardboard. This is the best option if you are moving into temporary storage. This is because our plastic boxes are for day hire only. We can supply them in packs of 3 or 5 and they will be yours to keep so you can unpack at your leisure when you have moved into your new property.
wardrobe box
Plastic Wardrobe Box
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