What is a Key Wait Waiver?

What is a Key Wait Waiver?

If you have received quotes from different removal companies, you may have noticed that some have option of purchasing a Key Wait Waiver. To figure out what this is and if it is worth paying, we must first take a look at what moving day might look like

Your removal team should arrive bright and early to load your belongings onto the van(s). This is because, as your agent should have told you, that your current property needs to be vacant by midday. They may also have told you that you will get the keys to your new property at lunchtime. However, in our experience, this doesn’t always happen. In fact, the keys will only be released once the funds have been processed by the solicitor. Issues can, and do, happen on the day, usually due to technical errors or problems in the chain. Furthermore, when there are problems with this process, it means key collection can be delayed.

Now, your removal team will have set working hours in which they need to get the move done. However, if you have a late key collection then naturally they will need to work over these hours in order to get the move finished.

So what is it?

Understanding how this process works, some removal companies offer the option of purchasing a key wait waiver. This is a one-off charge which you will likely find is cheaper than paying inflated over-time rates and admin fees. The fee for a key wait waiver will likely be payable when booking your move and in theory reduces the stress of extra costs on the day. That being said, if you can collect the keys on time then your un-refundable key wait waiver will be pointless.

Do we offer Key Wait Waivers?

As there is so much uncertainty around the value of the waiver, at Jones Services Removals & Storage we simply do not offer one. To us, moving is stressful enough without adding anything else for you to think about into the mix. Therefore, should you not get your keys until late in the day, we simply charge the rate of overtime we pay the team back to you. No hidden extras. No inflated rates. No admin charges. That’s it.

We strive to be transparent so the full details can be found in our terms and conditions. However, if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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