What is Goods in Transit Insurance?

What is Goods in Transit Insurance?

When you’re moving house, there are different sorts of insurance you need to think about. Maybe most importantly is that which covers any damage to your belongings. Therefore, any reputable removal company should hold Goods in Transit Insurance. But what is it exactly?

Goods in Transit (GIT) insurance is the specific cover required once your belongings are loaded and on their way to the next property. A sufficient policy will cover you if your goods are stolen, lost or damaged during the move.

All policies are different, though, and it is important to note what is and isn’t covered by the insurance company. For instance, it is standard that most companies do not cover things such as:

  • Electronic or motor damage.
  • Any items that you have packed yourself.
  • Small valuables like jewellery or collectables.

The difference between insurance policies is usually between the value of cover and whether they insure on a new-for-old basis. These are good questions to ask your removers but the details should also be on a copy of their terms and conditions.

Jones Services Removals & Storage Ltd are covered by Pound Gates. A copy of our most up-to-date terms and conditions are sent with each quotation and can also be produced upon request. We provide ‘basic’ Goods in Transit insurance with all removal services as standard and totally free of charge. In addition, we also provide ‘comprehensive’ cover with our packing service. The higher level of cover is only an option when our professionally trained team of packers do the packing for you. This is because, when you have packed yourself, neither Pound Gates or ourselves can guarantee:

  • How the boxes were packed, or
  • What was in the boxes.

Other Types of Insurance

Of course, Goods in Transit cover is only for your belongings whilst in transit. If any damage is caused to your home, neighbouring properties or to yourself then your removal company should also have Public Liability insurance. There may also be times when your own home insurance provides sufficient cover. Finally, it goes without saying that your removal company should hold adequate vehicle insurance and have keep their vehicles in a roadworthy condition. Without these it could invalidate any Goods in Transit or other insurance claims.

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