What is self-storage?

What is self-storage?

If you’re looking for storage solutions and have come across ‘self-storage’ options but aren’t sure quite what this is or, if it is for you, let us explain…

Self-storage is a storage option that is completely flexible, secure and accessible to you. Most storage units are purpose-built buildings that offer you the space you simply do not have at your home or office. Your individual unit will be are secured. Each company will differ slightly but security may be via keys, fobs, passcodes or padlocks. Some companies will offer 24/7 access, where as others have more restrictions. The building itself should be monitored physically by employed personnel and will be CCTV monitored.

There can be a mis-conception that storing your goods can be very expensive. We believe this is simply not the case. Any good storage provider will have a range of unit sizes, so you can select the right one for you and your budget.

Why do I need self-storage?

Individual or Domestic Customers

If you are looking for personal storage options, this is likely to be because you do not have the space at home.

This might be a temporary issue. We have a lot of home removal customers who are between properties and need somewhere to keep their belongings before you can move into their new home. In these cases we also help them with storing their goods. Self-storage is also a popular option for students. Especially over the summer months when they are not at college or university.

However, you might need long-term storage solutions. For instance if you have downsized and no longer have the room at home or if you want somewhere safe to keep your valuables and collectables. Either way, storage units can offer you a reasonably priced solution. They will work with you to meet your needs and requirements.

Business and Commercial Customers

Self-storage can be a good option for all sorts of businesses, from retail to service sectors. If you have a shop, be it a physical premises or online, storage units can provide extra space to store surplus stock. For companies who have lots of records they need to keep for legal purposes, secure units can provide space for archiving.

However, like domestic customers, you may to look into storage options if you are moving office or retail space and need somewhere to store your equipment or fittings temporarily.

What will I need to hire a self-storage unit?

Hiring a unit couldn’t be easier. If you are doing it yourself, you will simply need photo ID and proof of address. (If you’re a business customer, you may need permission from your company if you are not the owner).

However, here at Jones Services, we are able to arrange the hire of your goods for you. We will work closely with your storage provider of choice, or alternatively work with our partners at Storagebase if you do not have one. Please head over to our storage page for more information or feel free to contact us if you’d like to chat through your requirements.

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