What packing materials do we supply?

What packing materials do we supply?

If you get a quote for your home removals from us, then you will have been given a cost for us to provide you with packing materials. But what exactly do we supply?

Packing boxes & tape

Perhaps the most important of all the packing materials we supply – your boxes. We will work out an average number of boxes that you need and provide a cost for either the supply or hire of these. If you are moving house from within an hour of us then the boxes we provide are for hire only. This makes the cost of the boxes cheaper for you but is also part of our pledge to lower the environmental impact of your move. Of course, your boxes would be no good without something to secure them. Therefore, we will also supply you with several rolls of tape. We’ll also provide a pen for you to label the boxes with what room they need to go in at the new house.

Bubble wrap and packing paper

You will no doubt have some fragile items to be packed and moved. Therefore another type of packing material that we supply is bubble wrap and packing paper. When most people think of protecting their items, the first thing that comes to mind is bubble wrap. Whilst this is great for large or glass items, such as vases or mirrors, but you will need an awful lot if you plan on protecting all of your fragile items with it. Think crockery, ornaments and photo frames, for example. For these smaller items we supply packing paper, which is much like what your fish and chips are wrapped in. Whilst some bubble wrap is now biodegradable, we can reuse your packing paper on future jobs, so we will collect this with your boxes. Once it has been used again, it can be recycled, making it a much more environmentally friendly option.

On the day

When it comes to the day of your move, we will bring with us other packing materials as standard. This includes protective covers for all of your large furniture items and white goods. For anything we don’t have a cover for, we’ll bring blankets and shrink wrap. Finally, we’ll also supply wardrobe boxes, which save the hassle of you packing any hanging clothes and garments.

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