What size vehicles do we have in our fleet?

What size vehicles do we have in our fleet?

One of our most frequently asked questions is, “what size vehicles do you have?”

It’s an understandable question, as prospective customers want to know we have the capacity to take on their house move. However, the flip side of this is that most customers expect a big removal lorry to turn up on move day. Whilst we do have larger vehicles, these aren’t always the best suited for every move. Find out more about what size vehicles we have in our fleet, along with the pros and cons of each, below.

What size vehicles do we have: 7.5T DAF LORRY

what size vehicle do we have

This is what most people expect to turn up on move day. The matriarch of our fleet – the 7.5tonner. Our lads love taking this girl out on the road and it gives us a real sense of pride, especially considering the hard work that it takes to both get and maintain the operator’s licence required to use her.

No in our fleet: One

Nickname: “The Lorry”

Load: Approx 3 bed house


  • Can fit the most on it, making it ideal for larger moves
  • Less drivers required


  • Tighter regulations under driving laws and restrictions, such as driving hours. Makes long haul journeys trickier.
  • Must have an additional licence qualification to drive, reducing the amount of available drivers on the team
  • Subject to 6-weekly inspections, making it less available than smaller vehicles
  • Potential access issues due to size and weight

What size vehicles do we have: 3.5T LUTON VANS

A Luton van is not to be sniffed at. You will get more on than you think, although we always operate to legal standards. They are also ideal as an overflow to compliment the 7.5t truck, particularly when it comes to weight allowance. However, all 3 combined actually provide more of an allowance than the truck by herself, so they do pretty well by themselves! They’re perfect as single units for small moves and single item deliveries.

No in our fleet: Three

Nicknames: “Mark’s van”, “The Horse Box”, “The Ice Cream Van”

Load: Approx 1-2 bed house


  • Less driving restrictions, including speed and licence/qualifications for drivers
  • Smaller so easier for tight access/weight restricted access
  • Different access availability at the rear of the van, such as tail lifts, making it easier to load heavy items
  • Greater availability


  • Smaller loads mean more vans are required
  • More drivers required for larger moves

Hire Vehicles

When all of our vehicles are booked, or if we need an additional overflow van, then we always have the option to hire vehicles.

Our operators licence allows us to hire another 7.5t truck, if we wanted too. However, more often than not it’s just another 3.5t van we need in order to make a move happen.

We have great relationships with the teams at Halesowen Self Drive and Terminus Contract Hire, who are local to our base at Lok n Store, Oldbury. Hiring from reputable companies means that we can take care of your move with peace of mind that the trucks are roadworthy and will do the job as well as our own!

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