Why do I need a home survey?

Why do I need a home survey?

You’re moving house and just want a quick quote from a removal company to know how much it’s going to cost you to move. So why are we offering a comprehensive home survey before we can send you a price? Whilst we could take a list of your items over the phone, our years of experience have taught us that this isn’t beneficial to us or for our customers for several reasons.

Build trust with face-to-face meetings

If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s the value of face-to-face communication. Therefore, when one of our estimators comes to visit your property, you get to know us on a more personal level. Moreover, choosing someone to move your most valuable and sentimental items comes with a lot of responsibility. Therefore, meeting companies in person gives you more of an idea of how they might work and what you can expect of their service.

Time to discuss your concerns and requirements

It might sound cheesy, but every move is different. Lots of customers begin by asking questions such as “how much is it to move from a 3 bed in Coleshill to a 4 bed in Water Orton?” But there is so much more too it than that. What sort of furniture do you have to be moved? Does it need to be dismantled? Do we need to use specialist export wrap? How many wardrobe boxes will you need?

Of course, furniture literally comes in all shapes and sizes, as do properties. Therefore, by seeing what belongings you have to be moved and the access available at your current property, we can get a real idea of what our teams will need to do to make sure everything goes smoothly on the day.

There may also be questions you have for us. If you haven’t moved for several years, then the idea of moving day and the lead up to it can be quite daunting. By booking an appointment with us, this is your slot to discuss anything that’s playing on your mind. We will also go through our different removal options, discuss the materials we will provide as standard and assess if there are any bespoke services you require.

No nasty surprises on moving day

The real benefit of booking a home survey is that it eliminates the chance of any nasty surprises on moving day. This includes everything from costly additional extras which you forget to include on the phone to having a large wardrobe which really did need to be taken apart to get downstairs. Our team will have been briefed fully on the move and will have brought all of the necessary tools and materials to get the job done. When we have completed a home survey, this ensures we are fully prepped ourselves before we brief the team. We pride ourselves on providing a professional moving service. However, if we don’t know how many men we’ll need or which vans to bring, then it doesn’t get us off to a good start. In short, home surveys ensure that everything runs smoothly, from quoting stage to moving day itself.

Alternatives to a home survey

We understand that there may be times when a home survey isn’t possible. For example, you may be moving from another city back to The Midlands. Or you might have been given a move day at the last minute and there isn’t time to book one in. In these instances, we will offer a video survey, or we will accept email/telephone inventories. The other alternative is to complete our online inventory. We provide this as a comprehensive list which is split into different rooms. This makes it easier for you to ensure you have completed everything in full. We may still need to ask questions to confirm points before confirming a cost for the move but we will always find you a solution.

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