Moving house is stressful and it is expensive.

There. We said it.

So when it comes to the physical removal of belongings from one property to another you will probably find yourself asking,

“Should I hire a removal company or should I do it myself?”

No doubt you will weigh up the pros and cons of both options, with cost probably being the deciding factor.

As experienced removers, we can make that decision a little easier for you. We aim to make your move as stress free as possible by providing a premium service at an affordable cost.

However, if you’re still undecided, we have split the benefits of hiring a removal company into the following categories: Man Power, Experience and Protection, all of which we guarantee will help towards a stress-free move. Read on to find out more.

Man Power

There’s no getting out of it, moving house requires lots of heavy and repetitive lifting. If you hire a removal company, you can let them do the hard work for you!

With man power, comes horse power! Removal companies have a fleet of vehicles which ensure your trip from one property to another is made in one go.

Still not convinced? You may have an army of family and friends that are more than willing to help. However, if you are selling your property, it will usually have to be vacant by 1pm. Experienced removers are used to this turnaround and will have you loaded and ready to go in no time!


When you hire in the professionals, they can have you loaded in a jiffy!


Worried about key waiting charges? At Jones Services, we waiver this cost because we believe that moving house is expensive enough without us adding extra costs for factors which are out of your control.



You may well have heard the saying, “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry”. No matter how carefully you think you have organised your move (you may even have downloaded our Removal Checklist to ensure you are full prepared) you can’t rule out that something won’t quite go to plan on the day. That’s because house moves are unpredictable, especially when you consider the different parties involved; chains, Solicitors, banks, etc…

So, whether this is your first move or not, you can certainly guarantee that it isn’t ours! If you choose to hire a removal company, what you are actually getting is years of removal experience which will be invaluable come moving day. In our case, our team can help (re)co-ordinate your entire move, even at the drop of a hat. Moreover, there is no removal challenge we cannot overcome!

Saying this, we are more than just house movers. With experience, comes skill. Therefore, at Jones Services we can dismantle and reassemble furniture as well as provide a full, part or fragile-only items packing service. Talk about value for money!


We provide you with a different size boxes for your home removal


Did you know that we also provide a FREE removal pack with every move? Our breadth of knowledge means that during your home survey, our expert surveyor will be able to estimate the number of boxes you will need to pack your entire home. These boxes will then be loaned to you, for no additional cost. Click here to find out more.


Yes, you may be covered on your home insurance for your move. But this may not be as comprehensive as you think! (Don’t take our word for it, Martin Lewis from MoneySavingExpert explains in more detail here)

Therefore, make sure you hire a removal company that is genuine and reputable, like ourselves. This is because you will be insured, should the worst come to the worst at any point during the removal. This alone will give you extra reassurance that moving yourself cannot give.

  • Note: If you choose any of our packing services, you can also sleep easy knowing you will provided with an additional level of insurance, should any of your items be damaged during your move.


We have qualifications in Domestic Packing which ensure your goods will be transported safely


If you hire us to be your home movers, we also provide you with an extra level of protection by using covers for your large and bulky items for no additional fee. Over the years we have learnt that certain items need a bit more TLC during transit, so we will protect the following items with specialised covers:

  • Mattresses,
  • Sofas,
  • Table and Chairs,
  • White Goods,
  • TVs
  • Even pictures!


We also provide front door covers and can arrange carpet protection.

Ultimately, protecting yourself is more important than your belongings. If you choose to move yourself, please be aware that heavy/repetitive lifting can cause all sorts of injuries, especially if you are not used to the manual labour.

On the other hand, we take our responsibility seriously and provide you with a team who have had manual handling training so they can safely move you and your goods from one house to another. This minimises the risk to all involved.


We provide protection covers for your large and bulky items at no additional costs

Worth the cost?

At the end of the day, the decision whether to hire a removal company or move yourself is entirely yours. If you would prefer to hire a local professional remover but money is tight, we would advise having a conversation with us before writing it off as an option. We always try to work within our customer’s budget and can provide you a quote based on this! If you would like to work with us, contact us for a free, no obligation home survey and we can go from there.


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