how much does moving cost

Unexpected Moving Costs

Naturally, one of your first questions to us is going to be around how much it will cost to move house. Well, we can easily give you a quote for our removal services. But we would also be asking you if you have considered any unexpected moving costs too. Surely...

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storage services birmingham

How To Choose A Good Removal Company

When you want to choose a good removal company, it can be hard even knowing where to start. Removal companies will offer a number of different services, for varying prices. However, a reputable home moving firm will not let this detract from the high standard which should form the core...

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how to dismantle ikea wardrobes

How to dismantle Ikea wardrobes

Ikea furniture is a stylish, cost effective option for many of us. However, due its very nature, it is not as 'structurally sound' as solid wood alternatives. This isn't necessarily an issue. Until you come to move home. As a removal company, we have plenty of experience dismantling all types...

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